Centro de Recursos Educativos para Adultos (CREA) is an Adult Spanish Basic Education, ESL, TASC/GED and Computer Program in NYC, which uses the life skills teaching model, assisting students with the challenges of everyday life, whether at school, at work or in their community. Additionally, we promote capacity building‚ offering leadership development workshops and information and referral services to immigrants.





Elevate and empower through education, enabling a pathway to socio-economic mobility, within the New York Latino immigrant community. Transforming lives, allowing participants the opportunity to succeed within the community and the workforce.




    To offer Spanish-speaking people the opportunity to begin/and or finish their education in their own language and provide them, once they reach the academic proficiency in Elementary and Middle School, with a certificate offered by the Public Education Secretary (SEP in Spanish).


  • To provide students with the opportunity to learn to read and write in a highly flexible and self paced format so they can access better jobs and reach their fullest potential. Students improve their Spanish and make English learning easier (ESL) and improve education levels in the Mexican and Latin community.

  • To prepare parents with limited or no education to help and encourage their children with specific hands-on assistance with homework and other academic tasks when they start school. Children, in return, begin to show more respect for their parents.

  • To encourage participants to continue or improve their education attainment of TASC/GED, or start their own business.

  • To connect Latino immigrants to information and educational resources that enables them to succeed economically and to fully participate in the life of their community

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Conociendo a Frida

Entrevistaron a Lupita, la fundadora de CREA, en Telemundo 47!

Por: Paulina Concha Larrauri

Lupita, la fundadora del Centro de Recursos Educativos para adultos  (CREA) fue entrevistada por Telemundo 47 el pasado Febrero. En esta entrevista Lupita narra cómo y por qué empezó con la organización y comparte cuáles han sido los retos y logros que ha tenido a través del tiempo.  Si quieren saber más, vean el video de la entrevista en esta liga. 

La labor de CREA ha tocado muchas vidas en la comunidad Hispana de East Harlem. Gracias Lupita por todos tus esfuerzos!


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